Maltese Environmentalist Upset that Gladiator 2 is not being Filmed in Malta

The Background

Maximus, the protagonist of the Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator, has been one of the most beloved movie characters of all time. The much-awaited sequel, Gladiator 2, is in the pre-production stages. However, there is one thing that is bothering a Maltese environmentalist, Joseph Buttigieg, amidst all the hype surrounding the release of this movie – the location in which the movie is being filmed.

The Issue

Buttigieg, who is a known activist of the environmental group ‘Malta Green Force’, is upset that the film is being shot in Tunisia and not in Malta. The activist firmly believes that the Maltese landscape is a perfect fit for the movie’s “epic” scenes and shooting Gladiator 2 in Malta will have numerous benefits for the local economy.

But why Malta?

According to Buttigieg, the Maltese landscape has already been showcased in several Hollywood movies like Troy, Game of Thrones, and Count of Monte Cristo, and it can add value to the scenes in Gladiator 2. If Gladiator 2 was to be shot in Malta, it would significantly help the country’s economy, as there would be a need for local personnel and supporting cast to assists the production team.

The Twists and Turns

The Maltese authorities are not concerned with the fact that Gladiator 2 is not being filmed in Malta. Instead, they are focused on how they can make the best use of the situation. The authorities are planning to use the funds they would have spent on facilitating the movie’s production to install several wind turbines in Malta.

On hearing this news, Buttigieg did a full 180-degree turn on his stance. He praised the move and said that the authorities made the right decision and that Malta should increase its use of renewable energy. He even went on to say that Gladiator 2 could have been shot in “Tunisia, Albania, or even in Mars, for all I care, as long as our country is moving towards a more sustainable future.”

The Conclusion

The story of the Maltese environmentalist and the Maltese authorities showcases how humorously unpredictable issues can be. Buttigieg, who was deeply invested in one concern, is made to see the bigger picture, thanks to the unexpected response of the authorities. It’s a reminder that there are many issues to be tackled, and a flexible mentality can help us all come up with effective solutions.