Times of Mela – A Maltese Driver’s Wild Encounter with a Mischievous Chimp

Times of Mela

A Maltese Driver’s Wild Encounter with a Mischievous Chimp

Pembroke, Malta – In a bizarre incident that left locals scratching their heads, a Maltese driver had an unexpected encounter with a mischievous chimp while driving through the streets of Pembroke.

The Drive Through Sliema

The unsuspecting driver, Joe Borg, was on his way from Valletta to St. Julian’s when he decided to take a detour through the bustling city of Sliema. Little did he know that his decision would lead to an unforgettable, albeit peculiar, encounter.

As Borg was waiting at a traffic light near the iconic Tower Road, he spotted a peculiar sight: a chimpanzee riding a bicycle on the pavement. Astonished, Borg couldn’t resist the urge to whip out his phone and capture the bizarre moment. Little did he know that his curiosity would lead to an unexpected turn of events.

The Chimp’s Mischievous Act

Feeling emboldened by the attention it was receiving, the mischievous chimp decided it was the perfect moment to wreak havoc. Without warning, it jumped off its bicycle and leaped onto the roof of Borg’s car.

Frantic, Borg tried to swerve the car, attempting to dislodge the chimp. But in the midst of the chaos, the chimp managed to unlock the car door and quickly slipped inside.

Meandering through Mellieħa

With Borg’s car now under the chimp’s control, it maneuvered through the streets of Sliema and promptly made its way towards Mellieħa. The chimp seemed to relish the newfound power, honking the horn and waving at bewildered pedestrians. Word of the surreal spectacle quickly spread through Mellieħa, and crowds gathered to witness the unexpected joyride.

The Monkey Business Escalates

As the monkey business continued, authorities in Mellieħa scrambled to bring the situation under control. A team of animal experts, accompanied by the police, attempted to devise a plan to safely remove the chimp from the vehicle.

In the meantime, Borg’s family and friends, who had been following the saga on local news channels, arrived on the scene to support him. They watched in disbelief as the chimp danced on top of the car roof, seemingly enjoying every moment of the chaos it had caused.

Return to Reality in Rabat

After a wild ride through the scenic streets of Mellieħa, the chimp eventually grew tired and decided it was time to leave the car. In a surprisingly nonchalant move, it casually opened the door and hopped out as if nothing had ever happened.

The crowd, still in shock, burst into applause, relieved that the strange episode had come to an end. As for Joe Borg, he stepped out of his car, bewildered yet grateful that no one was hurt.

Lessons Learned

This incident serves as a reminder to all motorists in Malta to be prepared for the unexpected even in the most mundane of drives. Whether it’s a chimp, a peacock, or a giant rabbit, anything can happen on the charming streets of Malta.

Remember, buckle up, keep your doors locked, and always have your camera ready. You never know when you might come across a mischievous chimp out for a joyride!

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