A Maltese Company Dupes Authorities and Launders Money with Public Areas


In a shocking revelation, a Maltese company named “Salib Tal-Imħallef Limited” was found guilty of exploiting public areas for their personal gains. The company, which claimed to be a non-profit organization, was allegedly involved in a money-laundering scam, in which they duped authorities into granting them access to public areas in return for renovating and maintaining them. What the authorities did not realize was that Salib Tal-Imħallef Limited was inflating the costs of these renovations and effectively laundering money through these projects.

The Investigation:

The police launched an investigation after several local residents raised concerns about the state of public areas that were renovated by Salib Tal-Imħallef Limited. The investigation found that the company had been operating in this manner for over a decade and had been awarded several contracts by local councils and government agencies.

The Twists and Turns:

As the investigation progressed, several startling revelations came to light. First, it was discovered that the owner of Salib Tal-Imħallef Limited, a certain Mr. John Saliba, had close ties with several prominent politicians. Furthermore, the investigation uncovered that the company had been using some of the public areas it had renovated for their own purposes. In particular, they had built a secret underground car park in one of the public parks, allowing their staff easy access to their company headquarters.

The Aftermath:

The investigation culminated in a series of arrests, including Mr. John Saliba. Salib Tal-Imħallef Limited was immediately decommissioned, and the contracts awarded to them were cancelled. The local councils involved were heavily criticized for not properly vetting the company and for failing to keep an eye on the renovations. The Maltese public was outraged at how a non-profit organization could get away with such blatant exploitation of public resources.

The Moral:

The case of Salib Tal-Imħallef Limited serves as a cautionary tale for local councils and government agencies. It highlights the importance of vigilance and proper vetting when awarding contracts to private companies. It also shows how easily public resources can be exploited for personal gain, even under the guise of a non-profit organization. The Maltese public is now more aware than ever and demands greater accountability and transparency from their elected officials.