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Footballs coming home? No, foreigners should be going home!

It’s gone from whispers to song At first it was just gentle whispers going around… We could go further than before… We’ve got an easy group… Could this be the time? … Is it actually coming home? … The whispers have now stopped, but they, the peoples, the foreigners, are not silenced.   They are louder than ever before, and mela, the English are always loud. Before, we knew they were among us, walked next to us without us actually knowing, but now, we can hear them singing the song of their peoples. It’s coming home! It’s coming home! Football’s coming...

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Registering Sim-cards – Downfall of Mafia?

Mafia in fear of losing control over Maltese Islands after Palazz Gang considered registering mobile Simcards. After the Maltese government (Gang tal Palazz) took in consideration to register all Maltese operated mobile phone simcards, Il-Padrino was worried of losing total control. For us no good he said. Times of Mela talked to internal police sources and we got a statement from Beppo (il kaċċatur) Fenech who tried to calm down the situation. Aww he said, mela you don´t know how bad it is to arrest your brothers and sisters. And you know, after one of the last bombings, how...

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Foreigners, root cause for high rent in Malta

Complaints about greedy landlords are totally unjustified says Malta Property Rent Controller Shawn Azzopardi upon ToM request. In fact, it is the foreigners. Those that don´t go back to their countries. They move with too many people and then everybody wants to pay his rent. Don´t say is the owner of the house. He cannot even declare the house for taxes anymore. Instead of 1 times 500€ the owner has to issue a beerblog bill for three people paying 500€. Now how he can explain to his wife suddenly is more? And also authorities cannot be correctly informed anymore....

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