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Maltese Man’s Accidental Adventure: Mistakenly Flies to Morocco, Embraces Misadventure

By our roving reporter, Joey Debono RABAT, Morocco – In a hilarious turn of events, a 32-year-old Maltese man named Alfred Schembri embarked on an unexpected journey to Morocco after accidentally boarding the wrong flight. Despite the mix-up, Schembri embraced his misadventure and quickly became a local sensation in Rabat, Morocco’s capital. The mishap began when Schembri, a mild-mannered accountant, was set to fly from Malta to Marseille, France, for a business conference. A distracted Schembri, engrossed in his favorite crossword puzzle, boarded the wrong plane without realizing his mistake. The error was not discovered until the plane landed...

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Malta Pigeon Race Takes a Hilarious Turn: Birds Go Rogue, Create Pandemonium

By our avian affairs correspondent, Joey Buttigieg VALLETTA, Malta – Malta’s prestigious annual pigeon race ended in uproarious chaos this weekend, as an unexpected turn of events saw the competing birds straying from their designated flight paths, resulting in a frenzy of pigeon-related mishaps across the island. Uwejja! The race, organized by the Maltese Pigeon Racing Association (MPRA), involved more than 200 highly trained racing pigeons from all over Europe. Competitors and spectators alike gathered with great anticipation, eager to witness the feathered athletes perform impressive feats of navigation and speed. However, as the race commenced, it quickly became...

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Man Mistakes Military Base for Maltese Resort, Thoroughly Enjoys Vacation

By our correspondent on location, Joey Debono VALLETTA, Malta – In an amusing mix-up, a 45-year-old man from Wisconsin, named Bob Johnson, accidentally booked a stay at a Maltese military base, thinking it was an all-inclusive resort. Due to a series of misunderstandings and Bob’s exceptional ability to adapt, he enjoyed a two-week vacation at the base. Bob, a self-proclaimed “spontaneous adventurer,” was eager to embark on his first solo vacation in years. After an intensive online search for the ultimate Maltese experience, he stumbled upon a website offering a “top-secret Maltese getaway.” Believing he had discovered an exclusive...

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Footballs coming home? No, foreigners should be going home!

It’s gone from whispers to song At first it was just gentle whispers going around… We could go further than before… We’ve got an easy group… Could this be the time? … Is it actually coming home? … The whispers have now stopped, but they, the peoples, the foreigners, are not silenced.   They are louder than ever before, and mela, the English are always loud. Before, we knew they were among us, walked next to us without us actually knowing, but now, we can hear them singing the song of their peoples. It’s coming home! It’s coming home! Football’s coming...

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