Woman finds Maltese husband while on holiday in UK

Ms. Maria Mifsud from Żurrieq, Malta, had always dreamt of visiting the United Kingdom, particularly London, to experience the diversity of the city and its people. She finally got her wish and purchased a one-way ticket to the bustling city.

Unexpected Encounter

Upon exploring the city, Ms. Mifsud stopped at a local pub in Manchester, where she met a charming man named Mr. Joseph Farrugia from Rabat, Malta. The two struck up a conversation about their love for Maltese food and culture, and ended up spending the whole day together exploring the historic city.

The Plot Thickens

The following day, Mr. Farrugia suggested they travel to London together via train. Along the way, Ms. Mifsud discovered that not only was Mr. Farrugia a fellow Maltese, but he was also her distant cousin from her mother’s side.

Love is in the Air

As they explored the British capital, Ms. Mifsud and Mr. Farrugia grew even closer, and they soon realized that they had fallen in love. Knowing that they couldn’t bear to be apart, they made the decision to get married and start a new life together in Malta.

Wedding Bells Ring

Upon their return to Malta, Ms. Mifsud and Mr. Farrugia got married in a grand ceremony in the town of Mosta. Their friends and family laughed at the unusual way these two had met, but were overjoyed at their union.

A happy ending

Ms. Mifsud had gone on holiday alone, but came back with a husband and a lifelong partner. She often says that it was fate that brought them together in the United Kingdom, and that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

No one knows what life has in store, but one thing’s for sure, Ms. Mifsud and Mr. Farrugia’s unlikely fairytale love story will always be a heartwarming one.