The Longest Traffic Jam in the World Hits Maltese Streets

traffic jam in malta

It was a typical Wednesday morning for commuters in Malta, with people rushing to work and students hurrying to school. However, what they did not anticipate was the longest traffic jam in the world on their streets!

The Beginning of the Chaos

The jam started on the outskirts of Valletta, when a tourist bus broke down in the middle of the road, causing a blockade. The bus company promised to clear the road and assist with towing, but things took a turn for the worse.

The Malfunctioning Tow Truck

The tow truck sent by the bus company showed up but only managed to worsen the situation. Upon pulling the bus, the tow truck broke down, leading to two vehicles stranded in the middle of the road, effectively blocking traffic. Motorists started to get frustrated, demanding that the authorities take action.

The Police Intervention

Hours passed, and the traffic jam kept growing until the police arrived on the scene. Instead of controlling the crisis, they added to it! A female officer parked her motorcycle poorly, blocking traffic on the other lane. An infuriated driver got out of his car and started an argument with her, leading to chaos.

The Aftermath

Angry Commuters

Commuters in Malta were seething with anger, having spent over ten hours in traffic. Social media was rife with complaints, with some even issuing threats to the authorities and demanding compensation. The hashtag #MaltaTrafficJam trended worldwide.

Upset Tourists

The blockade was distant enough from the airport, but the tourists struggled to make it to the airport on time and board their flights. Some even missed their flights, causing airlines to reschedule and compensate for the inconvenience.

World Record Holders

After 30 continuous hours of standing traffic, Malta set the record for the longest traffic jam in the world!

The Conclusion

The traffic jam finally subsided after a full day, with commuters having felt like they wasted a day of their lives on the streets of Malta. The authorities sent out a public apology, promising to ensure that such a jam never occurs again. But for now, the memory of the longest jam in the world will forever be etched in the minds of the Maltese people.