A Maltese Dolphin’s Rise to Power: From Sea to Parliament


VALLETTA, MALTA – In a truly remarkable turn of events, a Maltese dolphin named Dolfino has risen to power and become the Prime Minister of Malta. The comical twist of fate took place when Dolfino, a renowned dolphin famous for his intelligence and impressive communication skills, captivated the hearts of the Maltese people.

The Spark of Curiosity:

It all began one sunny morning in the coastal town of Marsaxlokk, where local fisherman, Salvu, noticed something unusual in his fishing net. To his astonishment, it was a talking dolphin! Dolfino, as he would later become known, had somehow found himself entangled in the fisherman’s net. Salvu, being a kind-hearted soul, immediately jumped into the water to set the intelligent creature free.

A Natural Charisma:

News about Dolfino spread like wildfire, and soon the entire island of Malta was buzzing with excitement. Word of the charismatic dolphin’s ability to communicate with humans, his incredible sense of humor, and his witty charm reached the ears of the Maltese Parliament.

The Dolphin’s Political Aspirations:

Dolfino, fueled by a deep passion for the welfare of marine life and the environment, decided to pursue a political career. Despite the initial skepticism of many politicians, his appeal was undeniable. He possessed the ability to effortlessly captivate any audience, leaving them in awe of his intelligence and his undeniable wit.

The Campaign Trail:

Dolfino turned Marsaxlokk into his headquarters and began a guerrilla-style campaign like no other. With his loyal team of seagulls overseeing his campaign strategy, Dolfino traveled the length and breadth of the island, holding rallies in Valletta, Mdina, and Birkirkara.

The Historic Elections:

Against all odds, Dolfino’s campaign gained immense popularity as more and more citizens found themselves drawn to his unconventional yet refreshing take on politics. The Maltese people were tired of the traditional ways and were ready for something new. On Election Day, chaos ensued as thousands of supporters flocked to the polling stations to cast their vote for the aquatic candidate.

The Darling of the Media:

The local media couldn’t get enough of Dolfino’s antics and charisma. He became a regular guest on talk shows, leaving his audiences in hysterics with his witty remarks. His appearances on late-night talk shows resulted in skyrocketing ratings as he effortlessly outshined the human hosts with his engaging personality and intelligent insights.

From Sea to Parliament:

Finally, the day arrived when the votes were counted. To the astonishment of the nation and the amusement of the world, it was announced that Dolfino had won by a landslide. The dolphin from Marsaxlokk had become the first-ever aquatic Prime Minister of Malta.

A Flipper-Friendly Cabinet:

As Prime Minister, Dolfino was determined to create a government that truly represented the diversity of Malta. He filled his cabinet with a mix of humans and sea creatures, creating groundbreaking policies that promoted environmental protection, marine conservation, and education initiatives centered around marine life.

A Legacy for Future Generations:

Dolfino’s reign as Prime Minister was marked by humor, intelligence, and an unwavering commitment to making Malta a better place for both humans and sea creatures alike. His legacy lived on long after his term, as subsequent leaders drew inspiration from his unique leadership style.


As the people of Malta reflect back on the peculiar chapter in their history, they can’t help but laugh and cherish the time they had with their beloved Prime Minister – Dolfino, the Maltese dolphin who swam his way into the hearts of a nation.