In the small Maltese village of Marsa, a remarkable discovery has been made. A local farmer claims he has discovered a chicken that can fly!

Ejja, Mela!

The farmer, Tony, says he was amazed when he saw the chicken soaring through the sky and landing on the roof of his farmhouse. He immediately called the Times of Mela to share the news of his incredible discovery.

The investigation begins

Our team of reporters quickly rushed to Uwejja to investigate the story. We found Tony’s farm, where he proudly showed us his flying chicken. We couldn’t believe it!

Excitement turns to confusion

But as we observed the chicken more carefully, we realized something strange. It wasn’t actually flying. In fact, it was being carried by an unmanned drone, cleverly disguised as a seagull!

The plot thickens

Tony finally admitted that he had rigged up the drone to fly the chicken through the air, as a publicity stunt to attract tourists to Uwejja. He thought it would be funny to see the reaction of his community and the press.

The chicken is grounded

We were disappointed to discover that the flying chicken was just a hoax, but we have to admit, we were impressed by Tony’s creativity and sense of humor. We did however remind him, that he should have contacted the authorities before flying any drone near the airport.

Happy ending

In the end, the flying chicken made Uwejja famous, and tourists flooded to the village to see the latest attraction. And Tony, well, he’s now a wealthy man, with his own drone manufacturing company, all thanks to his flying chicken stunt.

Uwejja, we hope you continue to surprise us with your unusual stories!