GUDJA, Malta – In a very funny turn of events, a Maltese farmer named Salvu Grima from the quiet village of Gudja made an unexpected discovery. He found a golden egg in the nest of one of his chickens, mela! This unusual find has stirred up both excitement and laughter in the small farming community.

Salvu, a hardworking man, was busy collecting eggs from his henhouse when he saw something shiny. He look closer and found the golden egg, ta! Not sure what to do with this strange discovery, he showed it to his wife, Karmena. She too was surprised and couldn’t believe her eyes.

They decided to ask for advice from their wise neighbor, Dun Ġorġ, who was known for his great knowledge about many things. He examined the egg and after a long pause said, “Uwejja, Salvu, you have a very special chicken here! Maybe it will bring you more wealth!”

Word of the golden egg spread fast throughout the village, and soon curious neighbors and local journalists flocked to Salvu’s farm to see the miraculous find. Salvu’s chicken, now named “DeDe l-Miraklu,” became an instant celebrity, with people lining up to take photos with her and her mysterious golden egg.

As the excitement grew, the villagers started to think of ways to celebrate this unbelievable event. They planned a big festa, with music, dancing, and traditional Maltese food. Everyone was invited, and the Grima family farm was soon filled with laughter and joy.

But the story takes an even more comical turn when little Ġużeppi, Salvu’s mischievous grandson, couldn’t keep his secret any longer. He confessed that he had found an old, shiny golden paint in his grandpa’s garage and decided to paint one of the eggs just for fun.

The villagers couldn’t help but laugh at the innocent prank, and the festa continued in full swing. The golden egg, though not a real treasure, brought the community together and created unforgettable memories.

Salvu and Karmena decided to keep the golden egg as a souvenir and a reminder of the unexpected excitement it brought to their lives. And as for DeDe l-Miraklu, she continued to lay normal eggs, but she will always be remembered as the chicken that brought joy and laughter to the people of Gudja.

Uwejja, what funny story!