The Odd Couple of Chadwick Lakes

Malta’s Latest Pals: A Stray Dog and a Roaming Rabbit

Mela, have you heard the one about the dog and the rabbit? No, this ain’t the start of some joke but rather a tale from the heart of Chadwick Lakes. It’s there where locals stumbled upon the sight that almost made them drop their ħobż biż-żejt from sheer amazement. An unlikely friendship had blossomed between a scruffy-looking dog named Bandu and a plump rabbit called Ġiġa.

“It was right peculiar, Uwejja! Like something out of a fairy tale, I’m telling ya,” exclaimed Tonio, a pensioner from nearby Rabat, who often takes his serene morning walks by the lakes. “They were all cuddled up together like a pair of winter mittens, kollox cosy and cute.”

Trouble in Paiż

But this pair’s story starts with a twist. Bandu wasn’t always a lone ranger around the serene greenery of Mdina’s outskirts. He once roamed the bustling streets of Valletta, looking for dropped pastizzi and leftover ftira but ended up escorted out by the council for causing a cheerful ruckus near the Barrakka Gardens. With the help of a few sympathetic Vallettans, Bandu made his way to Chadwick Lakes, where he found peace and, apparently, a new rabbit friend.

When I first saw the dog, “Miskin!” I thought. But now, with Ġiġa the rabbit by his side, he seems happier than ever!

From Furry Foes to Budding Besties

If you’re asking how exactly a dog like Bandu and a rabbit like Ġiġa hit it off, well, that’s a piece of social media gold. Eliza, a local teenager with a hefty TikTok following, happened to record their first encounter. Ġiġa, notorious for outwitting the local farmers by feasting on their ġbejniet, had just completed another successful heist. Instead of giving chase, Bandu—with a wisdom well beyond his years—offered Ġiġa a piece of his pilfered carrot. And just like that, a friendship was forged!

I thought only cats and dogs fought, but Bandu and Ġiġa showed me that everyone can get along with a bit of kindness… and food!

The Paw-sitive Impact on Gozo

This duo didn’t stop at just being cute. They became such a sensation that they’ve been invited to Gozo as ambassadors for animal harmony. They even inspired an unexpected spike in rabbit stew replacements, with some restaurants now serving a ‘Bandu & Ġiġa Platter’ – a delightful assortment of veggie treats safe for both carnivores and herbivores alike.

What’s Next for Our Furry Friends?

With their newfound fame, these two are bound to go places. They’ve already been booked for a meet-and-greet at the next Isle of MTV event, with plans to launch their own range of eco-friendly stuffed toys. In the end, it’s safe to say that Bandu and Ġiġa’s adventure goes to show that life in Malta is full of surprises – and friendships can bloom in the most unexpected places… just like flowers between the stones of an ancient Mdina pathway.

So next time you’re munching on a pastizz by Chadwick Lakes and spot a happy dog and a bunny napping under a carob tree, you’ll know it’s no oddity – it’s just the good life in these Maltese isles.