The Accidental Mayor of Gozo

One Ferry Ride Too Far

In the heart-warming heart of Gozo, a minuscule tempju of tranquility amidst the roaring sea, something peculiar happened in the quiet town of Xlendi. You see, a rare event took place: the sudden ‘election’ of a new mayor—quite by accident. Meet Wistin, a simple man with a single ambition: to perfect the recipe for Gozo cheeselets known as ‘ġbejniet.’ But fate, and a dash of local gossip, had other plans for him.

It all began on an ordinary Tuesday when Wistin, having missed the ferry due to an uncontrollable urge for a mid-morning snack of ftira, decided to post a humorous rant on “Xlendi Xi Ġara” – a fictional social media group infamous among Xlendi locals for everything from lost cats to the latest paniku (fuss).

Wistin wrote, “Uwejja, if I had a Euro for every time I missed the ferry, I could probably bribe my way to becoming mayor and sort out this schedule once and for all!”

Little did he realize the power of whimsy among the islanders. The post went viral. In a matter of hours, #MayorWistin trended, with residents photoshopping Wistin’s face onto images of the town hall and fancy mayoral robes.

Plot Twists in Paradise

The current mayor, a stern woman noted for her collection of cactus plants and disdain for tomfoolery, took ill that very day, and in a mix of comedic confusion and the magic of bureaucracy, the town council misread the situation. They mistook the online clamor as a legitimate public demand for new leadership. Thus, with a ceremonious (and entirely misunderstood) nod, they appointed Wistin as the ‘interim’ mayor.

A Mayor by Mistake

Wistin’s first reaction was disbelief, followed swiftly by a panicked realization that his cheeselet experiments would have to wait. Speaking to the Times of Mela reporter, who was scratching his head on whether this was news or just another Tuesday in Gozo, Wistin exclaimed:

“Kollox ħażin! I swear I was just after a laugh. Now they want me to wear a sash and cut ribbons? And what’s this about a ‘Mayoral Goat Parade’? Can I just go back to my cheeselets?”

But Gozo had spoken, albeit accidentally, and Wistin stepped up with a clumsy yet earnest determination to serve.

Serious Plans and Stoneless Olives

Wistin’s first decree, to everyone’s bemusement, was to guarantee a freshly baked Gozitan ħobż biż-żejt for every citizen every Sunday. This civil right was celebrated with vigor, painting the town in shades of tomato-red and olive-green—though Wistin insisted that all olives must be stoneless, for ease of eating and to avoid any dental mishaps.

A Social Media Mayor

Embracing his accidental social media roots, Wistin opened official channels on all platforms, taking live polls for decisions ranging from the color of public benches to the next flavor of gelato to feature at the Xlendi bay.

His most popular move, though, was to commission the construction of a mega-sized Rabbit Stew Fountain in the center of Victoria. The plan, a humorous nod to Gozo’s culinary obsession, was met with uproarious laughter and hypothetical planning permissions. One resident quipped:

“Next thing you know, Wistin will be sponsoring scuba divers to find Atlantis off the coast of Dwejra!”

The Legacy of an Unintended Leader

As the weeks turned to months, the citizens of Xlendi grew fond of their new leader’s quirks. While the ‘fountain’ never came to fruition, Wistin’s term was marked by a sense of humor, a surge in local engagement, and the most organized ferry schedule to date. His leadership, an accidental twist of fate, showed Gozo a side of politics fueled not by ambition, but by genuine love for community and ġbejniet.

And as far as Wistin was concerned, he did eventually perfect his cheeselet recipe, which became the official snack of council meetings—inspiring even the Mayor of Malta to consider a ‘Pastizzi Parliament’ initiative. Mela, in Gozo, sometimes calamity cooks up the best leaders…and the tastiest treats.

The Unforgettable Mayor

Wistin’s tale lives on in Gozitan lore, with locals often raising a glass in his honor—half-jokingly speculating about who might ‘accidentally’ become the next mayor, thus ensuring the spirit of Gozo’s whimsy is forever woven into the fabric of island life.

In the end, a simple man’s quest to live life on his own terms, to savor the simplicity of homemade cheeselets, embodies the heart of Gozo—where even the most unexpected plot twist can lead to a chapter of delightful absurdity and collective joy.

A toast to Wistin, the Mayor that never wanted to be, but whom Gozo will never forget—mela, truly the Gozitan way.