Il-Wonders of Gozo: A Supposedly Simple Journey Turned Comedic Odyssey

A Ferry Tale Start

Welcome to the ‘Times of Mela,’ where the salt in the air is as rich as our stories! Today let me take you on a voyage – but not your average one. We’re off to Gozo, where life is as unpredictable as a pastizz in a teenager’s hand on a windy day. Our protagonist, Carmenu, a retired taxidermist with a bizarre passion for collecting miniature models of Maltese buses, decided to break his routine. Carm, as his close companions call him, embarked on his yearly journey from the hustle of Valletta to the calming embrace of Gozo.

Now, mela, everyone knows that the only way to Gozo is by the majestic ferry. Carm had his miniature bus collection safely tucked in his backpack – yeah, don’t ask – and was ready. But before he could step a foot aboard, he encountered his first twist of fate. Unknown to him, he had chosen to travel on the same day as the ‘International Seagull Chasing Championship’ taking place on Gozo’s shore.

A Parade of Uninvited Guests

Just as the ferry was about to leave the port, a swarm of enthusiastic seagulls descended, mistaking Carm’s backpack for a catering van full of fish. In an attempt to save his precious models, he yelled “Uwejja!”, startling not only the birds but also Rita, a fervent enthusiast of Gozitan lace-making who just happened to be knitting a welcome banner for the competitors.

“Kollox’s going mad! These birds, I tell ya, they need their own ferry!” – Exclaimed Carm, as he desperately shielded his bag.

Turning Tables with Ħobż biż-Żejt

During the chirpy commotion, a stray seagull snatched the banner from Rita’s lap, creating a karmic bond between her and Carm. Together, they devised a cunning plan. Famed Gozitan ħobż biż-żejt was going to be their weapon of choice. Spreading tomato paste over slice after slice, they created a breadcrumb trail off the ferry.

The seagulls, drawn to the local delicacy, followed the trail like devotees to a festa. With the feathered fiends distracted, peace returned. Rita and Carm, now the unexpected heroes of the ferry, were greeted with applause, and a sheepish laugh erupted from the crowd.

Discombobulated Destination

But let’s not forget, this is Gozo, where the winding roads have twists and turns like our story. Their little adventure had delayed the ferry’s departure, and the sun began to set as they approached the island, painting the Ċittadella’s ancient walls in hues of pink and orange.

Upon their arrival, Carm realized a new calamity; in the bustle, he had boarded the wrong ferry – he was on his way to Comino! Rita, who by now felt like they were knit together by destiny, followed, declaring they could turn this mishap into an unexpected holiday. After all, there’s never a dull moment in a Maltese archipelago.

The Comino Conundrum

As the unlikely pair disembarked, they found themselves amidst the Blue Lagoon’s serene waters, surrounded not by seagulls, but by a film crew mistakenly assuming them to be extras for a new blockbuster. With a quick wink and a nod, Carm and Rita went along with it when the

director shouted, “Action!” for the next scene.

“Imagine, from a ferry fiasco to film stars. Only in Gozo – well, Comino!” – Mused Carm.

As they wrapped up a day filled with accidental stardom, the two newfound friends savored local rabbit stew, laughing over their unforeseen journey. They hadn’t made it to Gozo, but they made headlines as ‘The Accidental Movie Stars of Comino.’

The Sweet End

In a final karmic twist, Carm’s miniature buses became props in the movie, sparking a demand for his quirky hobby. He started a side gig, and tourism to Comino skyrocketed just to catch a glimpse of the unlikely duo.

Carm and Rita returned home, not just with stories, but with an experience that captured the erratic yet enchanting essence of our Maltese islands. Sometimes, the journey itself is the destination, especially if it’s peppered with pastizzi, film crews, and a whole lot of ‘uwejja.’ Now, isn’t that a real Gozo story for you?

Remember folks, if you’re ever feeling down, just say ‘Times of Mela’ three times, and who knows what adventure awaits you in our scenic archipelago. Until then, keep chasing seagulls, or not, depending on how you value your ferries and sanity. Saħħa!