Malta’s Underdog Triq-racing League Steals The Spotlight!

The Infamous Triq-Racing in Sliema

Uwejja, you won’t believe what happened last Sunday! Sliema’s promenade was transformed into a knee-high scooter race track, with the local elderly ditching their walking frames for some lightning scooters, supplied by the now-famous Triq-Racing League. It was a sight that had the seagulls squawking and tourists snapping pics faster than you could say ‘Kollox sew!’

Meet the Scooter Squad

Introducing the high-octane heroes of the day: Carmena, a 78-year-old former handball champion with a need for speed; Dun Karm, the 83-year-old poet of the pavement; and lastly, Salvu, known in the anti-social club circles as ‘Il-Luzzu,’ for his swift maneuvering skills that could rival a fisherman’s boat in a Marsaxlokk storm.

Drama Unfolds at the Start Line

As the triq-racers lined up near the Point Shopping Mall, the exhilaration was as palpable as the humidity in a crowded bus. But drama hit before the starting klaxon! Carmena’s trusted scooter ‘Il-Fjur tal-Baħar’ went missing—and whispers of sabotage were thicker than the moustache of Ħamrun’s most famous barber.

Plot Twist: Enter the Qormi Underdog

Just as tension reached boiling point, in strolled Wenzu from Qormi, pushing a suspiciously familiar scooter adorned with margherita pizza stickers—Carmena’s lost ride! The crowd gasped, a pigeon cooed dramatically, and Wenzu nonchalantly declared he ‘found’ it near a ħobż biż-żejt stand. Carmena, ever the strategist, offered a trade: a dozen of Qormi’s finest ftira for the return of ‘Il-Fjur tal-Baħar.’

Triq-racing Like Never Before

With the scooter debacle settled, the race kicked off to a start that saw Salvu’s ‘Luzzu’ literally taking flight off the curb. The scootering seniors zigged and zagged past landmarks, with a detour through Mdina’s silent city that was anything but silent. The fortified city echoed with hollers and the sound of tiny wheels on cobblestone.

A Finish Line in Gozo?!

The finish line was meant to be back on Sliema’s promenade, but amid the excitement, nobody noticed Dun Karm, the poetic navigator, reading his maps upside down. So the entire league scooted onto the Gozo ferry, to the delight of the gobsmacked captain and crew. The race ended in Victoria, with a confused but cheerful crowd welcoming them.

“Nothing brings together the community like a bunch of spirited seniors racing scooters across islands,” said Gozo’s mayor, still scratching his head in wonderment.

The Unforgettable Awards Ceremony

In true Maltese fashion, the awards ceremony was held at the nearest pastizzeria, where each participant received a trophy made out of recycled pastizzi tins. As they raised their trophies high, one could say they perfectly symbolized the Maltese DIY spirit and love for a good pastizz.

Social Media Frenzy

In the aftermath, social media was set ablaze with footage of elderly speed demons tearing up the Maltese archipelago. The event became a viral sensation overnight with hashtags like #ScooterSquad and #TriqRacingLegends trending worldwide.

“Carmena’s donut spin near St. John’s Co-Cathedral? That’s gotta be meme of the year,” commented one overly excited Twitter user.

Epilogue: Triq-Racing Goes Global

The Triq-Racing League has since received invitations to take their scooters for a spin in cities like Barcelona and Amsterdam. But the racers insist any future races must include a pit stop for tea and pastizzi—or no deal!

Uwejja, what a day! Here at ‘Times of Mela,’ we just can’t wait for next year’s league—bigger, better, and with more improbable twists than a Maltese B-movie plot. Stay tuned, jekk trid!