By our correspondent on location, Joey Debono

VALLETTA, Malta – In an amusing mix-up, a 45-year-old man from Wisconsin, named Bob Johnson, accidentally booked a stay at a Maltese military base, thinking it was an all-inclusive resort. Due to a series of misunderstandings and Bob’s exceptional ability to adapt, he enjoyed a two-week vacation at the base.

Bob, a self-proclaimed “spontaneous adventurer,” was eager to embark on his first solo vacation in years. After an intensive online search for the ultimate Maltese experience, he stumbled upon a website offering a “top-secret Maltese getaway.” Believing he had discovered an exclusive resort, he hastily booked his trip without thoroughly reading the site’s fine print.

Upon arriving at the base, Bob was surprised by the strict security and uniformed personnel. Unfazed, he convinced himself that the high level of security was due to the resort’s exclusivity. Once inside, Bob was escorted to a spartan private room, which he assumed was part of the “authentic military-style lodging experience.”

*The man in the picture is not Bob

Over the next few days, Bob participated in various “resort activities,” including early morning runs, obstacle courses, and rigorous physical training. He reveled in his newfound fitness regimen and formed close bonds with fellow “vacationers,” who were actually soldiers in training.

“We just thought he was really committed to the role-playing aspect of the training,” said Lt. Cmdr. Maria Vella, “and he had such enthusiasm and team spirit that we didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.”

During his stay, Bob also enjoyed unique “excursions,” such as a helicopter ride over the Maltese coastline, which he believed was a sightseeing tour, and nighttime field exercises that he mistook for a competitive game of laser tag.

Bob’s vacation took a surprising turn when he was introduced to the base’s cuisine. His inventive culinary creations, made from limited ingredients, gained popularity among the soldiers. Bob’s “Meal-Ready-to-Eat (MRE) Gourmet” became a culinary hit, leading to an impromptu cooking class for the troops.

The base commander eventually caught wind of Bob’s presence on the base and his unique circumstances. Instead of reprimanding the unexpected guest, the commander invited Bob to an official “farewell banquet” in his honor, where he received a commendation for “Outstanding Civilian Camaraderie.”

Bob has since returned home, still under the impression that he had enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime, ultra-authentic Maltese vacation. He’s now telling all his friends to visit the “amazing resort” he found in Malta, which has left Maltese tourism authorities and military officials scratching their heads in amused bewilderment.