It’s gone from whispers to song

At first it was just gentle whispers going around… We could go further than before… We’ve got an easy group… Could this be the time? … Is it actually coming home? …

The whispers have now stopped, but they, the peoples, the foreigners, are not silenced.


They are louder than ever before, and mela, the English are always loud. Before, we knew they were among us, walked next to us without us actually knowing, but now, we can hear them singing the song of their peoples.

It’s coming home! It’s coming home!

Football’s coming home!

This is the perfect time to strike.

Sure, we’d like to get them all out at once. But we have to strike up alliances. The Swedes are hurt, and we might be able to use them for some good for once. We can get them to build giant cages from IKEA. Then, when the English are watching the next game we strike! Slowly use one of the many cranes around Malta, and slowly lower the cage down.

Then, they are boxed up and we ship them home, together with football. Mela, how nice!

Auw, good luck to the four remaining teams!