The Pastizz Pulley of Power: A Tale of Political Patty Pastry

The Steamy Summit in Sliema

It was just an ordinary sunny day in Sliema, where the seafront was brimming with tourists lunzing around sipping on Kinnie and munching on ħobż biż-żejt stuffed with enough tuna to make a small dolphin jealous. But, little did the residents know that their beloved promenade was about to become the stage for a political squabble of gastronomic proportions.

In the midst of the chaos, there stood a man, Balduinu Borg – known to his friends as ‘The Big B’. Borg was a leading figure in Maltese politics, known for his fiery speeches that could rally a crowd faster than a vendor could shout “Uwejja, get your ice-cold water here!”

Ċetta’s Culinary Campaign

Borg’s chief rival, Ċetta Zammit, a politician blessed with the charisma of a charismatic church and the stubbornness of a Maltese goat, had planned a delectable disruption. She set up a stand smack dab at the entrance of Tigne Point, offering free samples of rabbit stew and pastizzi. This culinary campaign was her cheeky jibe at her opponent’s lack of traditional taste, as she proclaimed, “A vote for Ċetta is a vote for traditional Maltese flavor!”

The Pastizz Pulley Plot

Never one to back down from a food fight, Borg had his own sizzling strategy. From the upper windows of a towering apartment block, he had an elaborate system of pulleys, designed by a popular, albeit eccentric, Gozitan inventor named Ġanni l-Inventur, who once tried to convert the Azure Window into a solar panel.

Using the pulley system, Borg and his squad sent down hellova pastizzi packed with meta goodness that made Ċetta’s stand look like last week’s leftover ftira. The success of these flying pastries saw the Opposition stumped, clutching their forks and knives in utter disbelief.

“The Opposition cannot bear the success of the country; look at them, they’re crumb-lin’ like a flaky crust under the weight of our superior pastries!” proclaimed Borg triumphantly to an impromptu interviewer that happened to be a lost tourist.

The Mdina Misunderstanding

Just as things were heating up with the pastizz plummeting power play, a phone call disrupted the pulley pastizz plummet. It was from the Mayor of Mdina, whom everyone respected because, let’s face it, anyone governing the old silent city had to be a whispering wizard or a cunning curator of quiet.

Turns out, the pulley was disrupting the Mdina pigeons, Malta’s unofficial air-borne message service. They were getting confused by the scent of peas and ricotta and were veering off course, redirecting tourists to the local backyard bingo instead of the ancient walled city.

The Valletta Vote

In the spirit of national interest and to preserve the serenity of Mdina, along with the sanity of misplaced tourists, both Borg and Ċetta decided to move their tasty tiff to the capital, Valletta. They figured if they could win over the city’s famously nonchalant cats, they’d secure the vote of every Nanna and Nannu in the vicinity.

The Barter of Barrakka

Under the watchful gaze of historical giants at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Borg and Ċetta laid down their pastizz and rabbit stew respectively. A tension-filled truce paved the way for the first-ever “Barter of Barrakka,” where political opponents exchanged their signature dishes in a show of pseudo-unity and culinary camaraderie.

With onlookers from all over the island, the event became a nationwide feast, where everyone forgot their political affiliations for a moment and simply enjoyed the incredible edibles that make Malta so deliciously unique.

In a twist that amused the nation, Borg became totally hooked on rabbit stew, and Ċetta developed a newfound obsession with pastizzi. It turned out that good food trumped political posturing.

“Maybe this is how we should settle elections,” uttered a savvy old-timer, “the best cook wins!” The idea echoed across Valletta’s limestone walls, and for a fleeting second, it seemed like the most sensible policy ever proposed.

In the end, ‘The Times of Mela’ made sure that this riveting culinary clash became the talk of the town, bringing laughter and tight bellies to all those who followed this savory saga of The Pastizz Pulley of Power.

Interactive Section: Reader’s Poll

As the story of the beguiling Balduinu Borg and the charming Ċetta Zammit unfolds, we at ‘Times of Mela’ invite our readers to participate in an interactive poll. Cast your vote!

  1. Who should take the crown of Malta’s most delightful delicacy? Pastizz or rabbit stew?
  2. If the next election were decided by a cook-off, what traditional Maltese dish should the candidates prepare?
  3. Would a political alliance forged over food last longer than the usual campaign promises?

Remember to share your thoughts in the comments, and who knows, maybe the next parliamentary session will be held over a table spread with the best eats Malta has to offer! Mela, uwejja, let the best dish win!