Epic Hide and Seek Champions Cause Haunting Stir in Mdina

The Phantom Players of the Silent City

It seems Mdina has been housing more than just ancient walls and echoes of knights clanking in armor. The once serene Silent City has been experiencing a ghostly phenomenon, causing tourists and locals alike to drop their ħobż biż-żejt in fright! But don’t call the exorcist just yet – our intrepid reporter has discovered the haunting truth.

Meet the Characters: A Trio of Tricky Truant Officers

Let’s introduce you to three of Malta’s most peculiar civil servants: Benito the Bumfuzzled, Salvu the Shadow, and Tina tal-Qargħa ħamra. These truant officers took their job a bit too seriously, embarking on a mission to find the nation’s most cunning class skippers. But what does this have to do with Mdina’s sudden spike in spooky sightings? Hold on to your pastizzi, dear readers.

Benito’s Bewildering Blunder

Benito, hailed as ‘The Human Bloodhound’ by none other than his aunt’s neighbor’s cousin-twice-removed, prided himself on sniffing out truants from the most cunning corners of Gozo. Yet even Benito hadn’t encountered a challenge like this.

Salvu the Stealthy Strategist

No child could outwit Salvu, known to glide like a Maltese ghana singer’s smooth notes, without so much as disturbing a blade of grass. His résumé boasted a special skills section dedicated solely to hide and seek championships won in his youth.

Tina’s Tantalizing Tales

Tina, with her infamous qargħa ħamra gossip stories, could distract any teenager into revealing their dearest absentee friends. She was the sly tactician of the team, luring out malingerers with tales juicier than a summer watermelon.

The Great Mdina Mystery

What started off as a routine round-up in the ancient alleys of Mdina turned into a bewildering pursuit that left the trio utterly dumbfounded. Our truant trio was on the heels of the notorious ‘Gr
azzi Skipper Squad,’ a group who took the art of playing truant to Olympic levels.

The Peculiar Plot Twists

In an uncanny turn of events, as the officers closed in on their targets, whisked around a forgotten corridor near the Mdina dungeons, the mischievous students vanished into thin air! Unbeknownst to the officers, they were standing right above an ancient, hidden network of catacombs.

Swarms of tourists reported of young scholars in uniforms, strolling alongside ghostly knights and distressed dames, relishing in Venetian glass gelato. It seemed these students had unwittingly stumbled upon a portal to Mdina’s past and decided the setting was too epic a backdrop for their game of hide and seek.

Interview with the Time-Traveling Teens

“Uwejja, it was freaky at first,” said one grinning student wearing a faded St. John’s Co-Cathedral hoodie. “One second we’re dodging Tina tal-Qargħa ħamra, and the next, we’re dodging horse-drawn carriages and getting history lessons from actual knights!”

The Spectral Chase

The diligent trio, however, refused to leave any stone unturned – or any catacomb unchecked – in their quest to curb chronic absenteeism. Armed with only their wits and a suspiciously detailed map of Malta’s subterranean labyrinths (rumored to be scrawled by a bored University of Malta history student), they plunged into the depths beneath Mdina.

The Unexpected Discoveries

What unfolded next was a comical cavalcade of mishaps and misunderstandings. Salvu, while stealthily traversing the time-worn tunnels, managed to accidentally activate a contraption that showered him with dust that hadn’t seen daylight since the Great Siege. The bewildered look of the man once camouflaged as a Mdina bush, now resembling a flour-dusted ftira, has since gone viral on Maltese social media.

Adding to the hilarity was Benito’s misguided attempt to communicate with what he believed were the spirits of the past. Brandishing a rabbit stew as peace offering, he soon realized rabbits were, in fact, brought over by the Knights of St. John, making his stew not just anachronistic, but borderline offensive to the ghostly gentry.

Tina, on the other hand, stayed above ground, spinning tales of haunted catacombs to keep the tourists entertained and distracted from the ongoing subterranean shenanigans. Her uncanny ability to weave in-the-moment Mdina trivia into her spectral spiel had unwitting vacationers convinced they were part of an immersive historical experience.

The Comic Conclusion

Like all great Maltese tales, the ending is packed with a punchline. After a chase fit for the legends of old, the truant officers emerged from the catacombs – sans students but with tales taller than the Mosta Dome. As it turns out, the ‘Grazzi Skipper Squad’ had simply found an old wine cellar and camped out, missing the historical hoopla unfolding all around them.

The students, now self-proclaimed
“Mdina Phantom Players,” have caused quite the stir with their historic hideout. The authorities, grappling with the comical yet complex situation, have decided to turn the newly discovered catacombs into an interactive educational experience, citing “if you can’t beat them, join them – and charge admission.”

As for our diligent truant trio, they’ve been offered positions as tour guides, much to Tina’s delight, who’s already concocting scandalous stories about Mdina’s new haunted attraction. Salvu has since renovated his camouflaging techniques to include knightly armor for a more authentic tour experience. Benito, still reeling from his botched peace offering, now provides historically accurate rabbit stew to hungry tourists.

The Mdina Catacombs Grand Opening

  • Kickoff Tour led by Tina tal-Qargħa ħamra, featuring ghost stories so real you’d swear you felt a chill.
  • Salvu’s Specter Sprint, a thrilling chase through the winding tunnels, free rabbit stew included.
  • Benito’s Buried Treasure Hunt, with a historically accurate map and prizes for the keen-eyed.

So there you have it, dear readers, a tale of truancy turned tourism that could only unfold in the whimsical world of the Maltese Islands. And remember, next time you’re walking the hallowed cobblestones of Mdina, keep your eyes peeled. You might just spot a phantom player sneaking a pastizz or two, mela!

P.S.: Keep an eye out for the next edition where we’ll be covering the Valletta Vintage Vespa Race – a battle for the ages between local nonnas with a need for speed. Uwejja, how’s that for excitement?