Author: Joey Debono

Top places for foreigners to go in Malta

1. Back to where they came from Mela, don’t get us wrong but seriously, if you don’t like our island just go back to your own country and stay there. I’ve heard the rain in England is really nice this time of the year. 2. Some other country that’s not Malta. Pretty much the same as the first one but you don’t have to go back to your own country for all we care, as long as you leave our precious island. 4. Comino. Overpriced, overcrowded, and plastic in the water. Auw, please go there, we’ve since long given...

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Malta sinks as obesity levels rises

Auw, we all know how good the pastizz tastes, but now it might be time to eat the salads. Malta is slowly sinking, we have no futher proof than it feeling more crowded. But we feel it might be linked to the rising obesity levels, also the influx of foreigners....

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