The Curious Case of the Mdina Mishap

When Expats go too Local

In the heart of Mdina, where the silent streets whisper tales of the past, a peculiar event turned the city’s tranquility on its head. It started as an innocent attempt by a group of expats to immerse themselves in the Maltese culture, but ended up as what locals are now calling the ‘Great Mdina Mix-Up’. Our protagonist, a strapping Englishman named Rupert, decided that living like a local was the only way to truly experience the island.

The Plot Thickens

Rupert, who had recently arrived in Malta, yearned for the authentic Maltese experience, and he’d heard that every true local endeavored to master the fine art of ‘l-istaħba’, the ancient Maltese game of hide-and-seek played within Mdina’s walled city. He rallied a motley crew of fellow expats – from the tech-savvy Swede, Bjorn, to the sun-chasing Spaniard, Inés – and they all agreed to the challenge. Little did they know that their game would coincide with Mdina’s annual “Ħidma ta’ Qlubija”, a festival celebrating the virtue of stealth and cunning.

“Heck yeah!” Bjorn exclaimed, updating his social media status. “Taking on Mdina’s maze tonight with my new Maltese mates. It’s going to be like that movie with the minotaur, innit? Uwejja!”

As dusk fell, the group naively slipped into their hideaways, not expecting the entire city to partake in their ‘simple game’.

The Epicenter of Escapades

A Turn in Valletta

Meanwhile, back in Valletta, a rumor had taken flight among the local vendors. They whispered of strangers who sought to outshadow even the infamous Knights of Malta with their game-playing prowess. As the story spread, a fleet of over-zealous tourists arrived, sailing into the Grand Harbour, cameras at the ready, convinced they were about to witness the showdown of the century.

The Plot. It Twisteth!

In an unexpected turn of events, as the game unfolded, Rupert found himself squashed inside a cramped ‘kamra tan-nanna’ that served as his hiding spot. He mistakenly believed the quaint room had been abandoned for years. Little did he know, it was the venue for one of Malta’s most cherished secret societies, “Il-Bravi tal-Pastizzi”, where the elite convened to discuss the future of their beloved pastry.

As Rupert crouched silently, the door burst open and a group of stern-looking octogenarians shuffled in. The room filled with the rich aroma of ricotta and peas, and heated debates on whether peas had any business being in a true pastizzi.

“Do you really think adding curry to pastizzi is too avant-garde?” questioned an elderly man in hushed tones.

Rupert couldn’t believe his ears nor contain his giggles, which promptly exposed his whereabouts. The members of Il-Bravi, shocked at the intrusion, found themselves head-to-head with an outsider. Outraged, they decided to initiate him into their society instead of punishing him, believing it to be a sign from the patron saint of pastizzi guardians, San Pastizzu.

Feasting and Festivities

The Rabbit Stew Revelation

As night fell, Inés basked in the supposed solitude of her hiding place, beneath the tables of a local eatery renowned for the best rabbit stew in Gozo. Ah, Gozo, the sister island where even the loudest of fiestas felt like lullabies compared to mainland merriments.

Her tranquility was shattered when a horde of hungry diners descended upon the eatery, bringing with them an appetite for hearty stews and the latest gossip. Panicked, Inés crawled out, toppling over the stew pots in her haste, leading to an imprompto ‘ħobż biż-żejt’ and rabbit stew wrestling match – a new festival attraction that tourists could not get enough of. Kollox was covered in stew!

The Interactive Twist: You Decide the News!

Dear readers, you’ve seen the chaos unfold, from Rupert’s accidental initiation into the sacred society of pastizzisti, to Inés’s creation of Gozo’s newest festival sensation. Now, it’s your turn to vote on which expat’s misadventure becomes the stuff of Mdina legend.

  1. The Curious Case of the Silent City’s Secret Society.
  2. The Great ‘Ħobż biż-Żejt’ Wrestling Championship: Gozo Edition.

May the most outlandish tale win! Mela, send us your votes, and let’s make history with a twist of lemon… or should we say pastizzi? Stay tuned for the results and remember, in Malta, even a simple game of hide-and-seek can lead to a banquet of stories.