Uwejja! ‘Committee to Yell at Clouds’ Formed in Malta!

A Sprinkle of Malta’s Finest Political Spaghetti

Just when you thought Maltese politics had reached peak zaniness, along comes a plot twist saucier than your nanna’s Sunday rabbit stew. Pioneering backbencher Frankie l-Iswed, from the tiny but mighty town of Dingli, has called not just for committees to discuss the controversial topics of abortion and euthanasia, but for specific parliamentary committees tailored for that Maltese flair.

“What we need,” declared Frankie, striking a pose that would make a Mdina knight envious, “is a Committee to Yell at Clouds – a place where we can hash out our differences without actually changing anything. Mela, we’ll all get to shout, and then we can go grab some ħobż biż-żejt together. It’s about tradition!”

Dive into the Depths of Debate

But wait, there’s more to Frankie’s marvelous medley of Maltese melodrama. These committees won’t just be any old stuffy rooms filled with gesticulating gentlemen. Oh no. Each committee is set to meet at various iconic landmarks, because nothing says ‘serious political discourse’ like a room with a view.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the Abortion Committee will convene at the dazzling Azure Window ruins in Gozo because, as Frankie allegedly whispered, “At least if we get nothing done, we’ve got prime Insta-worthy selfies, uwejja!”

Moving on, the Euthanasia Debate Club (as it’s unofficially nicknamed) shall hold its lively exchanges at the silent city of Mdina, perhaps drawing symbolic inspiration from its timeless, tranquil streets. Or perhaps it’s just for the convenient proximity to Fontanella’s famous cakes – who’s to say?

Character Development? You Betcha!

So who does Frankie l-Iswed stand against in this maelstrom of Maltese mirth? Enter Carmenu ta’ Bormla, the venerable opposition member famed for his love for pastizzi tal-piżelli and distaste for decisions being made, well, ever.

“Uwejja, Frankie! Committees, shmomittees,” scoffs Carmenu, waving a flaky pastizz in the air for emphasis. “Why not start a committee for ‘Deciding Which Committee to Form Next’? Or maybe a sub-committee to coordinate snack brakes. I propose the first topic of discussion be ‘Ricotta or Peas: A Nation Divides.'”

A Dramatic Twist: Interactive Roleplay!

The Times of Mela, in an exclusive scoop, has learned Frankie’s real motive was to introduce a new form of citizen interaction. Dubbed ‘Interactive Political LARPing,’ citizens can roleplay their favourite parliamentarians in a surreal, political theater.

“Imagine,” pitches Frankie with a glint in his eye, “the people of Malta gathering at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, dressed as MPs, passionately debating while tourists question if this is a normal Maltese Sunday or some avant-garde performance art.”

Carmenu begrudgingly admires the tourist trap potential. “I’ll play along,” he consents, “but only if we form a ‘Committee for the Appreciation of Carmenu’s Waistline After All Those Pastizzi’ – I’ve earned it, to be fair.”

Parliamentary Hilarity and Public Engagement

As this narrative soup thickens like a good minestra


, the people of Malta can’t help but chuckle at the zesty zest being added to their local political stew. From the serene streets of Valletta to the bustling ferry queues of Ċirkewwa, everyone’s curious about where this will all lead.

So, dear readers of Times of Mela, stay tuned. Whether you’re looking for ancient city intrigue, scenic selfie spots, or merely a giggle over the grandeur of it all, these committees are shaping up to be Malta’s hottest ticket to political cabaret. Kollox sew – or as Frankie would say, “As perfectly orderly as a bus schedule on a festa day!”

And remember, in Malta, every issue is just a pastizz away from being a party. Salut!