When Gozitan Goats Go Viral: The Unexpected Stardom of Benna’s Finest

Not Your Average Kid

It all started in Nadur, a picturesque village in Gozo, where farmers don’t just till the land—they scroll the web with the speed of a hungry snail. Fransu, a local goat herder with more goats than sense, decided it was time to put his prized dairy goats on the map—or more aptly, on the Instagram. His mission? To make the goats of Gozo the next social media sensation.

Equipped with nothing but his ‘smart enough’ phone and a dream, Fransu began chronicling the daily antics of his headstrong herd. The goats’ schedule was packed with activities typical of Maltese life: they posed next to ħobż biż-żejt sandwiches, participated in mock village festas complete with miniature bandalori, and even attempted a synchronized jump shot in front of ċittadella at sunset.

Uwejja, Who Needs Influencers When You Have Goats?

The first twist came when, inexplicably, ‘Benna’s Best’ – a doozy of a goat with a penchant for photobombing – managed to stage an impromptu free-climb up the facade of a centuries-old Mdina cathedral, all while sporting a pair of obtrusively large sunglasses.

“I tell you, not even Spider-Man makes it look that easy,” remarked Fransu. “Benna’s Best must have eaten something special that day, mela!”

As Benna’s Best reached the pinnacle, he pawed at a loose brick, unveiling a hidden stash of age-old fenkata recipes—sprinkled liberally with humorous cures for the common hangover, no less. This discovery caught fire online, with food bloggers and hungover students alike clamoring for more.

It Grows Viral

Once word got out that these Gozitan goats had a knack for finding historical treasures and making mischief, Fransu found himself fielding interview requests from outlets worldwide. His feed flooded with comments from bemused expats and locals alike, laughing goat emojis punctuating every post.

However, it was the twist no one saw coming that turned the farm upside down: Valletta’s most esteemed culinary critic took Benna’s Best’s accidental discovery quite seriously, launching a line of fenkata-inspired ‘haute cuisine’ appetizers—each more peculiar than the last.

Enter Pawcasso: The Artistic Goat

The true twist, though, was yet to come. Pawcasso, another of Fransu’s charismatic caprines, began leaving his mark in a more…artistic fashion. One early morning, as a fresh batch of pastizzi was laid out to cool in the spring sunshine, Pawcasso used his hooves to craft an impeccable rendition of Caravaggio’s “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist” on the sandy terrain of the pen.

“Pawcasso always had a creative streak,” confessed Fransu while sipping his morning tea. “He once chewed my hat into a fascinating representation of the Azure Window—may it rest in peace.”

Art enthusiasts from around the island flocked to see this exhibit, turning Fransu’s farm into a temporary gallery. With the goats still at the center of attention, they strutted and bleated, feeling every bit the stars they were.

The Bleat Goes On

The rambunctious rise to fame did have its downsides, as goats do not handle celebrity status particularly well. There were diva moments with goats refusing anything but ġbejniet sprinkled on their fodder, and rumors of romantic escapades with mysterious sheep from Sliema. But kollox, as they say, comes with its ups and downs—the Maltese way.

So there you have it, a tale as old as thyme (and as aromatic as a freshly baked ftira), where even the humblest of creatures can find stardom in the emerald hills of Gozo and the virality of the virtual world. Now, whenever tourists visit Nadur and ask about the islands’ must-sees, they’re simply told: “Forget about those Instagram influencers; have you seen the goats?”

To which the locals reply with a knowing chuckle, “Uwejja, those are Benna’s finest for you.”